Our Services

2XM Projects is a leading provider of a number of services across the rail industry. Our project-managed solutions enable rail vehicle operators or owners to complete their projects safely, on budget and on schedule. 2XM Projects services include;

  • Safety & Reliability Improvement Modifications
  • Refurbishment or Refresh Programmes
  • Retrofit
  • Project Management Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Site Redevelopments
  • Corrosion & Structural Repairs
  • Paint & Vinyl Application
  • Test, Commissioning & Warranty Support
  • Establishment and Management of Visual Management Centres
  • Competency Management
  • Project Management Services, Project Audit, Supplier Audit & Improvement
  • Rail Personnel (Contracting & Recruitment)
  • System installation & integration including ERTMS, GSMR, Wi-Fi, CCTV, PIS, Passenger Counting

2XM Projects Pty